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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Bridgeport, CT

Getting arrested for Domestic Violence is a major offense. When you face the allegation of domestic violence, your life may change. You could be forced out of your homes and away from your children. The Noce Law Offices have over 30 years experience defending domestic violence cases in Connecticut. At a time when you need a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney, we will work with you to achieve a suitable outcome.

Arrests & Protective Orders:

Protective Orders are court orders that can range from instructing a person to refrain from threatening, harassing, and/or abusing a person, to full no contact and residential stay-away orders that in some cases can extend to the minor children. The defendant in these situations is entitled to a hearing to contest said orders.

The Court Process:

In Domestic Violence cases, the court process is typically ;lengthy, and tedious. Beginning with your initial arrest you can either be held on bond, or released to appear for arraignment. It is at this point when its most critical to contact an attorney as protective orders will be issued. An experienced defense attorney can help limit the degree of restriction contained in the protective order.